Inhale. Exhale.

It's time to breathe.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re feeling stressed, anxious, overworked, overwhelmed, or all of the above! 
  •  You’ve always believed ‘hard work pays off’, but now you’re exhausted all the time, and can’t find a way to rest and recover.
  • You put others in your life first, and keep putting yourself last.    
  • You’ve been wanting to take up a new hobby, but you can’t for the life of you think of one activity you’d enjoy.    
  • You struggle with consistency and motivation - you make changes but never stick with them over the long-term.    
  • You’ve neglected your own health, including what you’re eating.    
  • You feel lost, trapped, like you don’t know who you are anymore, or who you want to be.    
  • You're existing, surviving, doing what’s needed to get by...but you’re no longer excited about anything and the idea of joy seems as realistic as a rainbow unicorn! 

 Or you’re just plain OVER it? 

It can feel hard going through life’s challenges & tough times,

especially when you see social feeds full of everyone else living their best lives.  It’s easy to feel stuck, or as if you’re floating a boat without a rudder.  

You’re not alone.

Designed by women, for women, the BREATHE Wellness Program helps you identify imbalances in the key areas of your life and gives you the tools and strategies to implement healthier outcomes for the long-term.

We support you in your journey, as well as resetting patterns and habits through mindset training. 

Your BREATHE journey starts with a free Wellness Consult, to see if the program could help you.

“The emotional and stress load has been lightened. I’ve got so much more energy now, I'm able to get up early, I’ve lost weight, I feel like I’m back to the person I should be. It’s been phenomenal”

Christine Boucher, BREATHE Program Participant

Does this resonate?

You find yourself pondering,

"What is my life purpose?"
"How am I destined to show up in the world?"
"Do I have a legacy in this life?"

There's a twinkle of awareness in your eye.

You need support and accountability to unpack your burning desires at a deeper level.

You're READY to level up, take responsibility for your life, implement healthy self-care habits and GROW into the best version of yourself!

You feel you need a crew of like-minded women to walk the path with you and keep you on track.

Your BREATHE journey starts with a free Wellness Consult, to see if the program could help you.

The Gut-Mind Collective can help you evaluate your life, envision a new way of being & level up to achieve your goals.
Tuning into your body, mind and soul, and understanding what it needs in any given moment, is important for whole-body wellness.

But when you cram your life with things:

  • Inputs,  
  • Distractions,  
  • Tasks, 
  • Goals,  
  • Priorities...

There's no room to take a metaphorical breath.

By taking daily actions towards your own goals, 

you will achieve transformational breakthroughs & create a life that lights you up.

This is our core philosophy within the BREATHE Wellness Program.

Your journey working with us starts by getting in touch for a free Wellness Consult. 

We unpack where you are now, and where you want to be, and see if the BREATHE Program is a good fit.

"It's a thought-provoking program, where you become a renewed person. You cannot help but reconnect with yourself, your values, feelings and thoughts."

Pat Mackintosh,  BREATHE Program Participant

Develop & nurture healthy habits

You’ll receive education, support & accountability through:

  • Daily lessons by email covering the key areas of integrative health, education that's easy to digest and implement 
  • Personal growth activities to encourage experiential learning and mindset shifts 
  • 2 live group coaching calls per week, providing support and accountability, where the real transformations happen! 
  • Weekly live guided meditation to bring self-awareness and self-care into your life 
  • A 60-minute private coaching session to dig deeper into your areas of imbalance 
  • Extra resources (podcasts, meditations, articles) to support lifelong learning 
  • A private online community of like-minded women where we form genuine friendships and walk the path with you 
  • Lifetime access to program materials, so you can return to lessons when needed

Take a look at the program outline

Week 1: Self-Evaluation

  • Define your health imbalances 
  •  Understand key areas of whole-body-wellness  
  • Goal and routine setting

Week 2: Nourishment

  • Examine healthy eating habits  
  • Learn how to meal plan  
  • Learn how to nourish your body with whole foods

Week 3: Self-Care

  • Understand the importance of movement  
  • Learn about the impact of stress on the body  
  • Develop an exercise and sleep routine

Week 4: Mindfulness

  • Learn how your thoughts affect your life  
  • Strengthen emotional awareness through mindfulness and forgiveness 
  • Cultivate a daily gratitude practice

Week 5: Connection

  • Identify your strengths and values  
  • Explore your life purpose  
  • Get more out of your day through time management

Week 6: Reflection

  • Incorporate spirituality, creativity and joy into your life 
  • Create a vision for your future 
  • Review goals and key areas of integrative health

"I've come back to my values, set firmer boundaries and determined my life purpose. I'm so excited about my future."

Sue Harrison,  BREATHE Program Participant

Book a free Wellness Consult

Do you want to develop positive health habits, 

so you feel calmer, more energetic and fulfilled?

The BREATHE Wellness Program helps you identify health imbalances and goals, and work through the roadblocks standing in the way of success.

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