Take a look at the program outline

The BREATHE program requires you to invest around 2.5-3 hours per week, including the small-group coaching and meditation / hypnotherapy sessions. Here’s what you’ll cover:

Week 1: Self-Evaluation

  • Define your health imbalances 
  • Identify your Strengths and Values
  • Understand key areas of whole-body-wellness 
  • Goal and routine setting

Week 2: Nourishment

  • Examine healthy eating habits  
  • Learn how to meal plan  
  • Learn how to nourish your body with whole foods

Week 3: Self-Care

  • Understand the importance of movement  
  • Learn about the impact of stress on the body  
  • Develop an exercise and sleep routine

Week 4: Mindfulness

  • Learn how your thoughts affect your life  
  • Strengthen emotional awareness through mindfulness and forgiveness 
  • Cultivate a daily gratitude practice

Week 5: Connection

  • Explore your life purpose  
  • Learn about the importance of community for wellbeing
  • Get more out of your day through time management

Week 6: Reflection

  • Incorporate spirituality, creativity and joy into your life 
  • Create a vision for your future 
  • Review goals and key areas of integrative health

Not sure whether this course is for you?

“The emotional and stress load has been lightened. I’ve got so much more energy now, I'm able to get up early, I’ve lost weight, I feel like I’m back to the person I should be. It’s been phenomenal”

Christine Boucher,  BREATHE Program Participant