Inhale. Exhale.
Your best life awaits you.

You've reached that crossroad.

It may be a niggling feeling or an overwhelming sense it's time for change.

Do you struggle with motivation?

Do you feel like you're merely surviving, but not thriving?

Does the search for happiness, contentment, health, excitement or a sense of true identity feel like a constant battle?

You are not alone.

The BREATHE Wellness Program is designed just for YOU.

BREATHE  is a 6-week path to a renewed life - one
that's perfectly you.

By taking daily action towards your goals, you'll achieve transformational breakthroughs and create a life that lights you up from the inside.

At its core, BREATHE shows you how to identify imbalances in the key areas of your life and equips you to implement healthier outcomes for the long-term.

Unlike other programs that focus solely on one dimension - nutrition, exercise, stress reduction or personal development - BREATHE is multidimensional.

B oundaries
R hythm
E xercise
A ccountability
T houghts
H abits
E nergy

BREATHE will guide you to holistic wellness, and leave you with the tools, skills and knowledge to maintain the habits and mindset that will keep you living your best life.

That's our promise.

What to expect

BREATHE gives you education, support & accountability through:

  • Daily online lessons covering the key areas of integrative health - it’s education that's easy to digest & implement, delivered via email.
  • Personal growth activities to encourage experiential learning and mindset shifts.
  • A 1-hour live small-group coaching call every week, providing support and accountability. It’s where the real transformation happens!
  • A BONUS 60-minute private coaching session to dig deeper into your areas of imbalance.
  • Weekly live guided meditation to bring self-awareness and self-care into your life.
  • Curated resources (podcasts, meditations, articles) to support lifelong learning.
  • A private online community of like-minded people to walk the path with you, if you choose.
  • Lifetime access to program materials, so you can return to the most valuable lessons when needed.