Meet the Founders

Hi, we're Rita Bonivento and Lynn Mattern, the driving force behind The Gut-Mind Collective.

Rita’s journey began by helping busy women identify and manage the stress in their lives, working with them to achieve calmness, clarity and purpose.

As you’ll discover, Rita’s path to wellness started with healing herself.

15 years on, The Gut-Mind Collective has enjoyed it’s own transformation.  Bolstered by Lynn’s unique credentials and lived expertise, the enterprise now enables more people from more walks life get the results they deserve.  

These include:  

> Lightening the emotional & stress load
> Increasing energy levels
> Setting firmer boundaries
> Determining your life purpose
> Reconnecting with self, values, feelings & thoughts
> Feeling renewed
> Becoming excited about the future

But it wasn’t always this way. 

They've both struggled with:  

> Trying to fit more than realistically possible into their days
> Not being able to 'shut down'  
> Chronic illness and auto-immune disease
> Stress overload and heightened anxiety  

“It was a massive undertaking to learn how to heal ourselves, with lots of trial and error and a ton of frustration! Only once we cracked the code to integrative nutrition, holistic wellness, mindfulness and meditation did our lives improve … dramatically!” Our knowledge and skills - our purpose - is now embedded in The Gut-Mind Collective.”
- Rita

Rita Bonivento

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Rita’s background in international public relations, event management and marketing spanned 25 years. Upon being diagnosed with autoimmune disease in 2013, her path to wellness relied on a journey of self-healing and a full re-calibration of her nutrition and lifestyle.  

Now she’s fused her qualifications in integrative nutrition with an abundance of experience in wellness coaching, public speaking and success mentoring to bring you the ground-breaking programs and resources within The Gut-Mind Collective.  

Rita, her hubby and two teenage kiddos are based in sunny Queensland. Her greatest loves are her family and friends, followed closely by travel! She also enjoys hitting the gym, walking in nature, the arts, cooking and dining out.

Qualifications & Experience: Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 2019, Business Director 2007-2014.

Lynn Mattern

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Lynn is an outstanding mentor and coach, having built a massive network marketing business in health and wellness across two continents.

Before this, and for over three decades, she channelled her energy, empathy and ingenuity into her role as a high ability and special needs teacher.  

Lynn’s recent studies in integrative nutrition, gut health and hormone health have set her on a path to educating others to function at their highest level.  

Originally from Northern Michigan, USA, Lynn is now based in a beachside locale not far from Perth in Western Australia. She relishes the outdoors and spends her free time cycling, walking and fishing.  

Qualifications & Experience: Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 2019, Gut Health Qualification 2020, Arbonne VP 2004-2023, Special Needs Teacher 1978-2009.